DC Voter's Guide

Voting is the core of our democracy and is the most powerful way to have your voice heard. It’s your chance to stand up for what matters most to you and have an impact on the issues that affect you, your community, and your future. The DC Voter's Guide is designed to help make voting easy for your and your family.

This is your city. Make your voice heard in the next election.

Voting Rights


Different states have different rules in regards to students voting. We know that it can be difficult to find out what you need to know. Whether you are going to a college or university in DC or are a DC resident going to school in another state, we'll help you find the answers you need to vote this year.  Read more >>


US Military & Overseas

If you are a DC resident in the military or living overseas, federal laws protect your right to vote. We have links to voter registration sites and voting information for DC residents currently serving in the US Military or living overseas to make voting easier. Read more >>


Incarcerated & Returning Citizens

Important information on your rights while you are waiting for trial, while you are incarcerated, and after you have served your time in jail. Read more >>