The League of Women Voters of the District of Columbia is a citizens’ organization that has fought since 1920 to improve our government and engage DC citizens in the decisions that impact their lives.

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Learn more about voter registration in the District of Columbia in our Voter Guide.

Our Mission

  • Encourage the informed and active participation of the people of DC in government.
  • Increasing the understanding of major public policy issues
  • Influencing public policy through education and advocacy. 
In the League, you can add your voice, along with over 150,000 League members and supporters across the country, in Making Democracy Work.

What We Do

We are a nonpartisan organization made up of women and men of all ages and backgrounds encouraging informed and active participation in government, working to increase understanding of major public policy issues, and influencing public policy through education and advocacy.


Engage Voters

Voting is the core of our democracy. We work all year, every year, to empower eligible voters to participate in our political system. 


Study the Issues

We are known for our in-depth studies of issues that affect communities. We look at the facts from all angles, and discuss the pros and cons in group meetings.


Advocate for Change

We advocate for issues that improve our community. Working together, joining voices as citizens, we can influence public policy.

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