We the Voters - 20 Films for the People


WE THE VOTERS is a new anthology of short films that focus on nonpartisan issues related to voting, democracy, elections, and U.S. governance. Each about five minutes long, the films are a mix of documentary, narrative, and animation, with our accompanying discussion guide that includes information on how to host a screening and foster audience engagement. Created by Vulcan Productions, a leading producer of high-impact, educational film projects, WE THE VOTERS was designed to encourage productive and impartial dialogue about civic engagement and the democratic process. The films (and a discussion guide) are available online for free in perpetuity. The hope is that they can be widely used to break through the media “noise,” offering fresh perspectives on a wide range of civic issues such as immigration, protests, polling, debates, media polarization, the Constitution, the two-party system, student debt, inequality, healthcare, and more. By helping to demystify how our democracy works, WE THE VOTERS helps people make informed choices while seizing the power of their vote. 

The following films, specially curated for screenings by the League of Women Voters.



We Americans are stuck in social media news bubbles that block exposure to opposing points of view. Here you'll get concrete advice from leading media experts on how to break free and get fully informed


So you think you can vote ...

With 50 states, 5 territories, and over 7,000 voting districts, our elections can get pretty chaotic. A quick look at the history of US voting rights shows how we got here, and what obstacles might prevent you from voting.


Why We March

he right to assemble and speak out is written in the constitution. But do rallies and civil disobedience really provoke policy changes? We meet the people who take to the streets to "rage against the machine" and "speak truth to power."