Voter Registration Team

Throughout the year we organize and/or participate in voter registration drives at community events, farmers markets, and with community groups. Every month, we register new citizens after the Naturalization Ceremony at the US District Courthouse.

Our Voter Registration Committee schedules and manage our voter registration events: finding locations, getting any necessary approvals, and coordinating volunteers. If you are wondering why we aren't at your neighborhood farmers market or festival, we need you to help make it happen!

The committee also provides training for our members and others organizations on how to register voters and how to hold a voter registration drive, and works with community groups to reach more DC citizens.

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Registering Voters. We register new citizens on the second Tuesday of every month at the District Courthouse.  We also register voters in our community primarily in the spring and fall at farmers markets, festival, outside of grocery stores and movie theaters. Wherever we think we can reach people!!  

Volunteering is easy - sign up for one event and try it out. If you enjoy it, sign up again! 

Planning/Leading a Voter Registration or GOTV Event. Do you wish we registered voters at your favorite farmers market?  Have a great idea for where set up a table? As a member, you can help by organizing and leading a voter registration or GOTV event yourself!  

All you need to lead an LWVDC Voter Registration Event is to take our Voter Registration Training Class and let us know what you are doing, when, and where! We can help get you voter registration forms and handouts for the community.