Survey on Congressional Interference in Local DC Affairs. 

Without statehood, the 700,000+ DC residents are still living under a potent form of voter suppression.  We have no Senators and only a non-voting Delegate in the House.  And since any Member of Congress can nullify DC’s local laws, DC’s local elected officials’ actions representing their constituents are compromised as well.  

Congress has now launched their most aggressive attack on DC in years.  And we want to hear from you about this issue.

Legislation has been introduced to:

  • Overturn DC’s Budget Autonomy which allows local government to control our local budget.
  • Gut DC’s Healthcare program, DC Healthlink.
  • Prevent DC from instituting taxation and regulation of recreational marijuana.
  • Repeal the Death With Dignity Act.
  • Block spending of local funds on medical care for low income women seeking abortion care.
  • Repeal the Reproductive Health Non-Discrimination Act which prevents employers from taking action against someone based on their personal sexual health decisions.

We are interested in what people who live in the 50 states think about Congress taking these actions.  We are gathering information to help us better educate our fellow citizens about DC’s lack of representation in Congress and its implications for everyday life.  

Your answers to our quick survey below will be invaluable to our future efforts. 


This proposed legislation will ONLY affect those living in the District of Columbia. In fact, all of the legislation proposed above is normally under the jurisdiction of your State Government and not Congress. 

We want to know what you know and what you think about these efforts. Please take a couple minutes to answer the questions in our survey. Thank you.