Returning Citizens Voting FAQs

Can I vote while I am incarcerated or in jail? 

Yes. You may still vote in jail, with an absentee ballot if you are not serving time for a felony conviction.  


Can I vote while I am in jail, charged with a felony and awaiting trial?

Yes. You keep the right to vote while you are waiting for trial on a felony charge. You can vote with an absentee ballot.  Apply for an Absentee Ballot >>


Can I vote after I have served my sentence for a felony conviction?

Yes. You receive the right to vote again after you are released from prison. You will have to re-register to vote. Register to Vote today >>


May I vote if I am on probation or parole?

Yes. After you are released from prison, you are able to vote even if you are on parole or probation in DC  


May I vote in jail if I was convicted of a misdemeanor?

Yes.  For most misdemeanor convictions you can vote with an absentee ballot while serving time in jail. Apply for an Absentee Ballot >>


If I am out of jail but still have a 'criminal record', can I can vote?

Yes.  DC requires only that you not be in jail serving time for a felony conviction. 


What other crimes prohibit me from voting?

You can’t vote while serving time for certain election, lobbying, and campaign finance-related crimes that may be misdemeanors but are defined as felonies for the purpose of disenfranchisement. All others with a misdemeanor conviction may vote by absentee ballot while incarcerated.