2018 Report: Promoting District of Columbia Voting Rights and Statehood

The League of Women Voters of the District of Columbia (LWVDC) with the League of Women Voters Education Fund (LWVEF) continued in 2018 to work to educate a broad range of audiences on the current lack of voting rights and representation for residents of the District of Columbia. This project built on the past success of in-person and virtual education as well as communications toolkits to extend our educational efforts within the District and around the country to raise awareness about the need for fair voting rights and representation.

Through grant support from the District of Columbia, we have continued the momentum of past outreach efforts. This year, we focused our efforts on national and virtual exposure as well as the engagement of the next generation of voters.

Visits to Leagues

  • Including a presence at the League of Women Voters National Convention in June 2018 in Chicago as well as in-person presentations at state conventions and workshops.

  • Locations Visited included:

    • Illinois - Palatine

    • Michigan - Gaylord

    • Maine - Belfast

    • Iowa - Grinnell and Des Moines

    • Pennsylvania - Reading

    • Minnesota - Roseville

    • Delaware - Newark

    • New Mexico - Albuquerque, Los Alamos, and Santa Fe

    • Washington - Seattle

    • Minnesota - St Cloud

    • Georgia - Atlanta

    • Oregon - Eugene

    • Nevada - Las Vegas

Social Media

  • Develop and execute a social media campaign to inform and engage potential supporters in target states in support of DC Statehood.

Curriculum for Younger Audiences

  • Development of curriculum more suitable for viewing by high school and college ages.

DC Region Awareness

  • Ongoing development and education of LWVDC’s communities on DC statehood and voting rights for the purpose of keeping residents and local stakeholders informed, engaged, and prepared with information they need to broaden and activate networks of statehood/voting rights supporters.

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