League publishes report on Advocacy for Full Rights of DC Citizens

The League of Women Voters of the District of Columbia published a new report in February, Advocacy for Full Rights of DC Citizens. This report was developed by the DC League of Women Voters’ Committee on Full Rights for DC Citizens. Its purpose is to bring together in one document a comprehensive snapshot of the many activities, initiatives, and grassroots efforts being pursued in the District of Columbia by organizations and individuals advocating for granting full rights to DC citizens.

The report brings you current information on the status of advocacy for full rights for DC citizens, by DC citizens. It includes a League of Women Voters history of advocacy that encompasses the struggle to secure full rights dating from the establishment of the District of Columbia back in 1801. The report also contains responses to six questions that the LWVDC Committee on Full Rights for DC Citizens posed to nine community organizations, 18 elected officials and the four political parties with ballot status in DC. We received 29 responses, which are presented in full. Many of the community organizations have websites that provide extensive background information and history about the issues facing DC citizens. 

Many thanks to the members of the committee for their work in developing this report: Anne Anderson, chair; Linda Beebe, ex officio; Elinor Hart; Rachel Hecht; Charlotte Houghton, intern; Joanna London; Judith Weisberg. Thanks also Sharon Hart and Glenda Richmond for their help.

Copies of the report were sent to all participating organizations and league members by email in late February. If you would like a copy of the report, please contact us.