National Lobby Corps


Become an LWV Capitol Hill Volunteer Lobbyist.

The LWVUS Lobby Corps Volunteers lobby select members of Congress on key League issues and communicate LWVUS positions to members of Congress. The work of Lobby Corps members is invaluable and increases the influence that the League has on Capitol Hill.

Who We Are

The Corps consists of between 20-25 League members drawn from the metropolitan area. It's a unique opportunity for league members in this area. Even as a DC resident, you can make a difference in League issues at the national level.  The Corps convenes once a month, when Congress is in session, for briefings on League legislative priorities.  Members receive assignments to lobby select members of Congress.

Lobby Corps members gain an in-depth perspective of current legislation, impacts and arguments, and get a behind the scenes look at the legislative agenda and what it takes to get bills passed.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to effectively communicate and advocate League positions
  • How to research public policy, legislation, and congressional voting history
  • How to meet with congressional members and their staff

What is involved?

Lobby Corps convenes once a month when Congress is in session for briefings on League legislative priorities.  Lobby Corps members receive assignments to lobby select members of Congress.  Following these Hill meetings, they report back on their conversations to LWVUS staff and state League presidents.


Issues we Advocate for on the Hill

  • Voting Rights
  • Automatic Voter Registration
  • Election Reform
  • Redistricting
  • Ending SuperPACs
  • Public financing of campaigns
  • Disclosure of campaign funds
  • Immigration Reform
  • Clean Power
  • Affordable healthcare coverage
  • Effective, fair and transparent
  • Elections Commissions (ie. FEC, EAC)
  • And many more!
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How can you join?

Print and fill out this application. 

Return the application form (along with a brief resume and reference from a member of the leadership of your local League) to Jackie Coolidge, LWVUS Lobby Corps Chairperson:  This form may also be returned to LWVUS, 10th floor, 1730 M Street NW, Washington DC 20036, Attn:  Jackie Coolidge, c/o Jessica Jones Capparell.


If you have questions, please call Jackie at 301-646-1940.