Study the Issues

We are known for our in-depth studies of issues that affect communities. We look at the facts from all angles, and discuss the pros and cons in group meetings.

Recent League Studies

National Study: Money in Politics Review (2014-2016)

In the 2014-2016 Biennium, the LWVUS study examined the outcome of the Citizens United decision on corporate funding of campaigns. Members called for strengthening regulations on coordination, improving disclosure, and establishing a public financing system.  Read more >>


Local Study: Elections Systems Study (2013-2015)

Concerned about low voter turnout in the District and the lack of majority winners, LWVDC conducted a two-year study of the District's electoral processes. The in-depth study resulted in a consensus for ranked choice voting as a means to achieve majority winners and assure civil discourse in campaigns. Read more >>

About League Studies

Members choose study topics that are of interest locally, statewide, and/or nationally. Studies, which are thorough in the pursuit of facts and details, are designed to lead to education or advocacy, two of the basic functions of the League. Members review Pros and Cons of different policies and goals throughout the study. Studies typically include small group discussions, speakers, and public forums. 

All League meetings and study sessions are open to the public. However, only League members are included in the consensus and position development at the end of the study.

When the League has reached a position, it calls on its grassroots strength to influence the shape of public policy. Each year members meet to determine program priorities for the coming months to focus advocacy for the most impact.


Read the national Guidelines for LWVUS Studies.