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Joining the League of Women Voters is a great way to get involved in your community and play an active role in our democracy. 

The League of Women Voters is the organization where hands-on work to safeguard democracy leads to civic improvement. Our volunteers work year round to register new voters, host community forums and debates, and provide voters with election information they need. 

We need to fight against voter suppression, hatred, bigotry, and other incursions on the democratic principles of our country. With your membership, you enable the League of Women Voters to:

  • address challenges to voter access to the polls and fightvoter suppression;

  • reform election laws so as to combat the undue influence of money in elections;

  • standup for DC Statehood;

  • protect the environment;

  • support access to health care and affordable housing; and

  • strengthen gun safety.

This work is more needed than ever before. So renew your membership, you help the League to encourage informed and active participation in government, increase understanding of major public policy issues, and influence public policy through education and advocacy.

Your membership and support are vital. Together we can make democracy work.

Frequently Asked Questions

New to the League or thinking of joining? Want to access the member guide? Learn more on our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page. 

TAX Deductible

The League of Women Voters of the District of Columbia is a tax-exempt, non-profit charitable trust and qualifies under Section 501(c)3 of the IRS code. Your membership and donations are tax-deductible, as allowed by law. 



We believe in working at the local level. If you are not a resident of the District of Columbia, connect with your Local League to volunteer today!

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