A Message from our President, Kathy Chiron

Voting has consequences.  How many times have we heard this statement in the last two years?  Supporting the League of Women Voters also has consequences.Our mission of Making Democracy Work needs an infusion of support!

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We need your support to continue our work of registering voters.

Each month we attend the naturalization ceremony and help our newest citizens register to vote.  Throughout the year, you’ll find Leaguers at street fairs and festivals helping people register to to vote.  We reach out to returning citizens making sure ex-felons are able to have their voice included.   We hope to replicate our successful National Voter Day efforts at universities throughout the city and at National Stadium. (This year we completed over 1400 registrations at these two events alone! not to mention the dozen other events we held that week!)  Our partnership with One Woman One Vote and theatreWashington was a hit at local theaters with registration and exposure to VOTE411.org reaching well over 10,000 voters and we plan on continuing this initiative. 

  • Your gift of $40 to LWVDC will allow us to have pens available to help folks at one of the 12 expected naturalization ceremonies this year.  

  • Your gift of $150 to LWVDC will allow us to distribute VOTE411.org business cards and flyers at our local baseball stadium on National Voter Registration Day or at a local theatre for the run of a play during September 2019 or at several street festivals.

  • Your gift of $300 to LWVDC will allow us to have buttons, hats and/or other identification for our leaguers to wear during these campaigns.   

We need your support to continue our work of engaging and educating voters.

Statehood remains a top priority for us.  With the help of a grant from DC Government and LWVUS, we will continue to plead our case around the country and around our region.  As we plan to celebrate our Centennial, we strive to have Statehood on the agenda for LWVUS.   Our plans for the coming year include facilitating and hosting more speaker programs about our key issue of Voting Rights as well as topics of importance to our community. 

  • Your gift of $5000 to LWVDC will enable us issue a new edition of Know the District of Columbia, a wonderful tool explaining the government of our city.

  • Your gift of $500 to LWVDC will give us the ability to host an educational program for our members and the community.

  • Your gift of $2000 to LWVDC will underwrite a Candidate Forum for the primary election in 2020.  

We need your support to expand our membership.

Our annual meeting in April is always popular but can be a stretch financially for many of our members.  Our goal is to make that program meaningful and affordable for all our members as well as to take care of the important business of electing our new board.

We hope to continue hosting other popular events such as our Saturday Small Groups and the Holiday Thank You Party.

We must expand our membership so that it reflects the diversity of our city.

With the advent of our student membership of just $10, we can invite a Girl Scout or High School club to form a mini-unit.  

  • Your gift of $300 to LWVDC will enable us to create and distribute a welcome packet to new members

  • Your gift of $500 to LWVDC will enable us to invite a top-notch speaker and subsidize the cost of our Annual Meeting

  • Your gift of $200 to LWVDC will underwrite a membership event

  • Your gift of $200 would underwrite a student group, helping our young people start on the road to positive civic engagement as they hopefully become our next generation of League leaders.

  • Your gift of a $50 gift membership will help us reach our membership goal of 200 members.

We need your support to continue to expand our voice in the community.

We maintain a website,  publish a quarterly newsletter, The DC Voter, and League Updates via email, as well as manage our social media pages all with volunteer effort that is stretched to the max and then some.

Your gift to LWVDC can help us further professionalize and expand our ability to proudly share our news with members and the community.

  • Your gift of $200 would promote one speaker or panel discussion to the community at large.

  • Your gift of $300 would underwrite our website for one year.

  • Your gift of $500 to LWVDC will fund our ability to produce and post one issue of The DCVoter.

We need your support for our Centennial Celebrations.

2020 brings our 100th Anniversary!  And we will celebrate in style with your help and participation.  The biennial LWV Convention will be in Washington, DC in summer of 2020.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have record participation from our League at this historic event?  And to get ready for that, of course, will be the gathering state leadership at LWV Council this summer.  Here’s where we’ll get to make our case for Statehood to be a noteworthy element of the 2020 celebrations. 

  • Your gift of $200 to the LWVDC will subsidize a member’s participation in these events.

  • Your gift of $500 will help underwrite a Centennial program for our members in the year building up to the momentous event.


We thank you for your participation and financial support!

We know that we have a duty to vote if we want positive change in our community.  This is a reminder that the League of Women Voters is the go-to organization for making sure each and every eligible voter is registered, informed and gets to the polls.  We very much appreciate your help in any way you can to reach our goal to Make Democracy Work!

With wishes for a year of well-being for us all,

Kathy P Chiron

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