The DC Statehood Toolkit is designed for citizens across the country to learn more about the District of Columbia and why DC Statehood matters to the residents of our nation's capital. 

Why does this matter? 

Since 1801, the residents of the District of Columbia have had no representation in Congress. Nor have they been able to govern themselves without interference from Congress. 

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Why now?

DC residents are convinced that only statehood will assure that DC citizens have the same rights and protection that residents in the 50 states enjoy.  In November 2016, DC citizens voted overwhelming in favor of petitioning Congress for statehood - this is the first step in the statehood process.

DC citizens can't achieve statehood on our own. We need the support of citizens across the country to achieve the rights other Americans take for granted.

Join us in Making Democracy Work for everyone.


  • How to Use the Toolkit
  • DC Statehood: Frequently Asked QuestionsAnswers to some of the common questions from people about DC Statehood, our city, and the people who live here.
  • We Are DC: Facts & Figures about the residents of the District of Columbia. Most of us lead everyday lives quite separate and apart from the monuments, the government agencies, the embassies and the museums that constitute official Washington. 
  • DC History QuizCurious about how DC came to be?  Test Your Knowledge of the District of Columbia and its History.
  • DC Statehood Toolkit Media Guide. Media tools and suggestions that you can use, but please feel free to extend our reach with your creativity!


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