Candidate Guide (VOTE411) Committee

LWVDC partners with Vote411 to produce a Guide to the Candidates as well as a Pros/Cons Guide for any initiative or referendum on the ballot. Over 30% of Washingtonians turn to to help them get ready to vote.  It is the only guide in the city that covers all races and every election. 

The Committee begins work in April, three months before the Primary Election, and works through the General Election in November.

Volunteers are needed to help develop the questions for the candidates by researching the issues that are of concern to our community, develop the Pros & Cons Guide by researching ballot initiatives and summarizing arguments both in favor and against the measures, and follow up with all candidates to encourage participation

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Developing Questions. Three months before the election (April & September), our Candidate Guide Committee develops the questions for the candidates. The team works via a combination of conference calls and email over the course of a month. 

Pros & Cons Guide. The Pros & Cons Guide analyzes ballot initiatives and referendums. It's a great way to learn the details of proposed policies! The team works in September and October via a combination of conference calls and emails. The amount of work depends on how many issues are on the ballot. 

Candidate Participation. Once the questions are sent out to the candidates, our Candidate Participation Team gets to work encouraging participation of every candidate running for office in the city. Team members receive a list of candidates to contact to encourage participation.