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The League supports improving methods of financing political campaigns to ensure the public's right to know, combat corruption and undue influence, and allow maximum citizen participation in the political process.

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  • B509 - Citizens Fair Election Program Amendment Act of 2015. As introduced, this bill abolishes the Office of Campaign Finance and establishes an office within the Board of Ethics and Government Accountability called the Citizens Fair Election Oversight Office in its place. After each regularly scheduled general election, the Oversight Office shall conduct a review of the elections financing program. The Oversight Office is charged with providing adjustments to the maximum and base amount of certain campaign contributions. The bill also establishes guidelines regarding: benefits for participating candidates, allocations from the Elections Fund, matching payments for qualified small dollar contributions, eligibility and certification of candidates, as well as for contribution, expenditure, and fundraising requirements. Among other things, it also establishes a minimum number of debates that each candidate is required to participate in. Status: Referred to Committee on Judiciary

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DC Fair Elections Coalition represents groups from the environmental, labor, economic justice, social justice, faith, and good government movements. Their mission is to pass meaningful campaign finance reform in D.C. to empower everyday residents and make sure every voice is heard in our democracy.

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