Media Guide for DC Statehood Education & Advocacy

Here you’ll find some media tools and suggestions that you can use, but please feel free to extend our reach with your creativity!

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Traditional Media Outreach

Traditional media outreach approaches include letters to the editor, meetings with editorial boards and guest op-eds.  This language can be used as a template for an op-ed, blog or letter to the editor:

 League of Women Voters Supports Statehood for D.C Citizens

 LWV (your League) Supports Efforts to Fix the Hole in our Democracy

For over 200 years, the residents of the District of Columbia have been denied a voice in our national government and sovereignty over state and local affairs. The people of Washington, D.C. deserve the same rights that the people in all 50 states enjoy. District residents are required to fulfill all the obligations of U.S. citizenship—paying taxes, voting, and serving on juries and in the military. But they don’t have the same equal representation in Washington.

This is why the League of Women Voters of (your League) calls on our members of Congress to support statehood legislation for the District of Columbia. Statehood legislation, which requires a simple majority vote and cannot be repealed, is the way that every state, except for the original 13, became part of the United States. The residents of the District of Columbia have voted in support of statehood, approved a state constitution, a representative form of government and proposed boundaries. The next step is Congressional passage of statehood legislation.  

The League of Women Voters of the District of Columbia and the League of Women Voters of the United States have put together information on our websites about the continuing fight for full rights for the District. The League of Women Voters is working to assure statehood for the District of Columbia. We urge you to join us in this effort.

Social Media Outreach

Social media engagement is another way to reach the public through channels such as Facebook and Twitter. The LWV Management site includes a number of tips for best utilizing social media .


  1. Review the LWV Primer on Facebook
  2. Then share League-developed quizzes, papers and visuals in your Facebook posts. You can find these on the LWV Management Site under Voter Protection/DC Voting Rights
  3. Remember that visuals are important on Facebook and help posts gather more engagement, including likes and shares. Include images  or the Toolkit with your posts: 


  1. Take a look at the LWVUS Twitter Cheat Sheet
  2. Tweet out support for DC Statehood both on your League accounts and on your personal accounts.
  3. Mention the LWVDC Twitter account @LWVDC in your tweets so they can be retweeted.
  4. Tweets with images regularly perform better than simple text. Adding a graphic or photo to your tweet does not use any extra characters.
  5. Make sure to retweet posts on DC statehood from your individual members or other Leagues for greater visibility. You can find those posts by looking up existing hashtags like:   
  • #DCVote
  •  #51stState
  •  #DCStatehood
  •  Tweets should be short and persuasive. Some sample twitter posts include:

Sample Tweets:

  •  Fix the hole in democracy: Support #DCStatehood! #51stState
  •  We are DC, we are America: statehood for DC citizens! #DCvote#DCStatehood
  •  DC – the 51st State! #DCstatehood #DCvote
  •  I stand for #DCstatehood! #DCVote #51stState

On Your Website

Use your organizations website to share links to quizzes and papers within the toolkit. Feature the two quizzes or post links to the articles each month.

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