Current Action Alerts

Stop Voter Suppression

  • Across the country, there has been a concerted effort in many states to stop some voters from voting, or to make it much harder for them to participate – and there promises to be more to come in 2017. Legislators and election officials have purged existing voters from the rolls, made cuts to early voting, reduced polling places, put in place strict voter photo ID laws and levied onerous voter registration restrictions. Stand with the League in our fight to ensure our elections are always free, fair, and accessible.

Fix the Federal Election Commission

Restore the Voting Rights Act

Stand up Against Citizens United

Bring the Affordable Care Act into Compliance with the National Voter Registration Act

Support the EPA’s Methane Pollution Regulation

  • Thank EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy for protecting public health and our environment, by establishing a strong methane pollution standard. Send an email today.

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Let your Elected Officials know where you stand.

When responding to an Action Alert, we want you to speak for yourself and represent your own opinions and ideas. Our elected officials need to know what the people they represent care about and want them to do. Only you can tell them what matters to you.

Your voice matters - make it heard.

Our Action Alerts are designed to provide an outline of the key issues of a bill or policy that may guide you when writing a letter or talking to your elected representatives. We recommend writing personal letters, or speaking with your representatives in person or on the phone.

Our national action alerts are designed for you to easily send a message to your respresenatives by entering your zip code and signing a basic letter. LWVUS keeps track of how many letters are sent and where - which lets them know how much the issue matters to members and the community as a whole.